About online Swarnim Ayurveda web series

Online Test Series is designed considering the current trend of actual examination. The online web series papers are developed by experienced faculties, professors from reputed colleges/universities, MD Students. Subject-wise and Full syllabus tests are designed for thorough coverage of the entire syllabus in a systematic way.
The Online Test Series is available for AIAPGET 2019,UPSC AMO EXAM ,ALL STATE AMO EXAMS.
Swarnim Ayurveda Online Test Series provides a platform for students to judge their performance and results will be analyzed on all India basis. Test Series includes Objective test series not in your computer but also in your Mobile Phone so access your test anywhere any time. The Test Series includes Samhita & Subject wisel tests to enable concept building and performance improvement. The test papers are developed considering previous exam papers and standard of the questions resembles the actual examination in all the aspects, helping students to overcome their weaknesses, rectify errors and perform better.

  • Here are the reasons to choose Swarnim Ayurveda online test series for AIAPGET 2019,STATE AMO Exams.
    1. Develops confidence and exam temperament- Confidence and temperament are the two traits, which develops resilience and stillness. Solving the medical test series for longer hours on daily basis supply confidence, they are helpful for AIAPGET 2019 . You get familiar with the exam pattern & get a brief idea about the question asked in the examination.
    2. Evolve time management skills- The duration for AIAPGET 2019 is 90 minutes and consists of 100 questions, time plays a crucial role, when negative marking comes into play. The online medical test series improves our time management skills. We start making fewer mistakes, solve the questions at a rapid pace, and don’t take undue risk by attempting the unknown questions.
    3. Build speed and accuracy- Solving mock tests and sample papers on regular basis builds speed and accuracy in the aspirant. Aspirant can solve the test within the specified deadline and without making any silly mistakes. Accuracy dispenses an extra advantage allowing aspirant to spend extra time on difficult questions.
    4. Real time preparation- No matter how sharp your mind is or how good talking parrot you are, practical preparation can’t be skipped. Online test series provides a real time preparation with same exam pattern, same deadline, negative marking facility and a comprehensive performance chart analysis.


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