How to manage breaks during AYUSH NPGET revision

How to manage breaks during AYUSH NPGET 2017 & State AMO Exams revision.

A break means diverting the mind in some leisure activity to rejuvenate the lost interest and energy level. Constant focus leads to mental fatigue taking our mind to the sleep or hibernate mode. Boredom or over exhaustion of energy sucks our battery and our body goes to repair mode unable to handle any more doldrums. This is not just a mere evaluation, but is scientifically proven.
Listen to ear soothing melodious music– Melodious music relaxes the complete nervous system of the body. Don’t listen to high decibel music, it creates anxiety and excitement. Listen to the slow music of your choice.
Take some time out for outings Have you ever heard someone feeling tired while wandering with the friends. It fills us with excitement, fun and recharges our energy. Remember tiredness is the synonym of boredom, when we stop enjoying the process, fatigue creeps in.
Internet- Internet in itself is a complete universe. Surf the internet and read your favorite topics. Chat with your friends on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whats App and many more.
Sleep- Sleep can’t be considered a break because it is a natural process, but due to fear and anxiety we disturb our sleep, resulting into poor concentration, upset stomach, vomiting and drowsiness. Sleep is the time, when our brain is shut down and all the energies are channeled to every part of the body, improving your health status. Your productivity and efficiency increases by a big margin after a quality sleep.
Appreciate your efforts- We are social animals, praise boosts our morale and confidence and dispense the required fuel required to study for longer hours. It’s called rewarding yourself, don’t forget to reward yourself. When you feel a sense of victory, your body releases various confidence and passion hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, etc.

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